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    On September 05, 2019 Alexander Zhuravsky, deputy prosecutor in Mozyr district, met MSPU staff with the aim to lecture on anticorruption affairs and a necessity to follow the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Mr deputy prosecutor said that the preventive measures are held on the regular basis in the Republic of Belarus. The authorities do their best to reveal and stop illegal acts. Much attention was paid to anticorruption campaigns held in Mozyr district.






   On September 01, 2019 Social campaign “Single safety day” was held at the premises of MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin; moderator of the group: representatives of the Emergency Situations Ministry. The main task of the campaign was to develop the culture of safe living, to conduct an educational and training affairs and to promote safe conditions for a living.


On September 09, 2019 MSPU students met Sergey Nakonechny, a chief inspector for promotion and cooperation from Mozyr Department for Emergency Situation, Svetlana Matveeva, a head of Youth Office, Ilona Kolossovskaya, Secterary of Belarusian Youth Union, Gennady Rakovschik, occupational safety engineer. The students got the answers to such topical issues as security considerations and building fire safety.



   On April 30, 2019 Educational Establishment “Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamaykin” signed a cooperation agreement with Educational Establishment “Francisk Skorina Gomel State University”. The main objective of the cooperation is to develop professional relations in the field of education and to start a Chinese studies laboratory. MSPU students will get a chance to study Chinese, to know more about the culture of China and to consolidate the friendship between the people of Belarus and China.

To implement this mission Yan Zhifeng, a volunteer teacher, came to our University from China. He will act as a teacher of Chinese. He will be responsible for cultural and educational affairs for MSPU students and teachers for mainstreamification of the Chinese language and culture.




  Under the auspices of Charitable organization “Rainbow. Let’s help those who suffered from Chernobyl” and Ilse Engmann, manager of the project “Study tours to Germany”, 14 students from Philology Department visited Germany on August 01 – 20, 2019; supervisor of the group – Lubov Puzan, PhD in Philology, Associate professor. MSPU students visited Gelsenkirchen, where they met Mr Burgomaster who told them about the infrastructure of the city, the city-dwellers, topical issues and the main achievements. Then the group went to Bochum, a central city in Ruhr region. There the students visited Carl Zeiss Planetarium, Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum. After that the group went to Bonn where they visited the “Haus der deutschen Geschichte” and Cologne, where they saw Cologne Cathedral. The students enjoyed the trip so much!



   On September 05, 2019 Victor Strukov, Chairman of the primary trade union organization, met the 1st year Philology students and told them about the aims and tasks of the Belarusian trade committees in the sphere of education and science, up-to-date proposals by “Belarusturist” and “Belprofsoyuzkurort”. All the first year students were provided with the union cards and promotional materials.



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